Steampunk art supplies

First post for Steampunk Art Supplies

Steampunk Art Supplies is here!

I hope to bring resources, ideas, inspiration and  steampunk art supplies for anyone who is interested in the art of Steampunk. I’m always adding to my collection of parts and pieces and my collection of great steampunk art projects to draw inspiration from.

Steampunkartsupplies @

I sell Steampunk art supplies on My collection of antique clock and watch parts is large and ready for you to peruse. You can find my Steampunk shop here.

Steampunk USB flash drives

I make some Steampunk sculpture and art myself. I’m also into Steampunk gadgets. Here is a video of my Steampunk USB flash drives. They are made with Vacuum tubes, High intensity LED’s and a few brass fittings. These are also made from Steampunk art supplies similar to the part and pieces that I sell on

Steampunk Jewerlry on

My wife makes Steampunk jewery from the very same steampunk art supplies that we carry. She has separate shop on called Steampunk Nation.

More to come

There will be more to come soon. I plan on posting as many inspiring Steampunk art pieces as I can find. If you have anything you would like to have showcased please Let me know.


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