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We have a large variety of brass gears, wheels, cogs, levers, watch movements, clock movements and much more to choose from. We sell primarily on Etsy through our Etsy shop listings.

Examples our Etsy shop listings!

All types of antique watch gears, cogs and wheels. We also sell porcelain watch faces and complete pocket watch movements.
Etsy shop listings of mixed vintage brass gears and watch parts

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vintage clock gears header

Vintage Clock Gears

Huge lot of vintage clock gears ready for any steampunk art project

See Vintage clock gears listing here.

vintage clock gears (1)

This lot of contains over 140 brass clock gears and parts. These have been in storage for many years and could use a good cleaning. The gears in this lot are old and do show different degrees of wear and some of the metal parts have surface rust. Please view pics and take advantage of the zoom feature as the opinions regarding the condition of vintage and antique items varies from person to person. Lot is being sold “as is” for parts and repair.

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steampunk tutorials video

Steampunk tutorials three videos | how to salvage vintage brass gears

Steampunk Tutorials | How to remove pinions for large brass gears

Steampunk tutorials. How to remove those stubborn pinions from large brass gears for Steampunk projects. In this video I show my methods for extraction. There are pins to be removed or ground down to allow the pinion to be punched through the brass gear. This can be done with as few tools as a hammer, center punch and a file. I hope this and my other Steampunk tutorials helps with you Steampunk art projects. May you create a masterpiece! If you would like some Steampunk supplies without the work you can buy them at my Etsy shop.

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