The Liberation of the Automatons by Ben Jason Neal

Ben Jason Neal mixed media steampunk inspired artist

A gallery of Steampunk inspired mixed media

cybernetic existentialism by ben jason neal

Cybernetic Existentialism

Ben Jason Neal has a very interesting perspective when it comes to the digital world. One which he has expressed with his mixed media wall art.


Are the machines that are part of our lives symbiotic or parasitic? Should we embrace them and allow them to raise us up and join us together or should we limit the integration.

Ben’s mixed media collages consist of found objects. He uses typewriter keys, circuit boards, antique clock parts, vintage dials and knobs. His wall sculptures are a form of cyberpunk and modernism with inspiration drawn from his love for steampunk art.

Ben Jason Neal’s Tumblr page.

Ben Jason Neal’s Facebook art Album

Thanks for the inspiration Ben! I hope to see more of your steampunk inspired wall art soon.  -Justin

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