Steampunk Clockwork Fly

Steampunk Brooch Gothic Clockwork Neo Victorian Victoriana Jewelry | Calliphora

Steampunk Brooch Calliphora (Blow Fly) by spankyOspangler designs

I really like┬áDenise Humphry’s steampunk brooch. The little steampunk robot bugs that she make are awesome.

Steampunk Clockwork Fly

Steampunk Clockwork Fly

This steampunk brooch is made from a sewing machine light bulb, vintage watch cogs and parts. The wings are made from acetate and the legs are wire wound. It fastens with a Brass brooch pin.

My steampunk jewellery and sculptures are influenced by the sub-genre of science fiction with its prominent elements of fictional technological inventions. I particularly like the evocative design and outlook of the neo-victorian style. The look and technology of the Victorian era sitting alongside impossible machinery or fantastic creatures is inspiring. I use vintage and antique clock and watch parts, movements and cogs for my creations, along with vintaj brass and sterling silver charms, chains and findings.


-Denise Humphrey-


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