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How to remove the pinion gear from vintage brass gears for your steampunk project.

A video about getting gears for your steampunk project

What’s the video is about

In this video I show you how to remove the pinion gear from vintage brass gears. This method is very easy and safe (use your safe glasses). It allows you to remove the unwanted parts without damaging the brass portion of the gear. It will allow you to keep more usable steampunk supplies.

The tools needed

As shown in the video you’ll need the following tools.

  • A small hammer (preferably with a smooth striking face)
  • A nail set or punches. It’s nice to have a set of punches that vary in size.
  • A set of deep sockets or some old tubular hardware.
  • A solid work bench.

The pinion removal method

The secret to removing the pinion gears is to fully support the brass portion of the gear.  I typically use a socket or tube that has a large enough hole to receive the pinion gear but small enough to support the brass as close to the pinion as possible.

Typically there is only one direction that the pinion gear can be driven out. You can determine the direction by closely inspecting the assembly. The larger part of the pinion should be driven away from the brass portion of the gear.

Some gears have a kind of a grommet that is left behind after the pinion gears is removed. This grommet can be removed if you prefer it to be. These grommets have a small diameter on one side that is pushed through the gear. The other side is larger acts as a stop. The smaller side is typically enlarged with a peening method. This secures the grommet tightly in the gears.

As with the pinion gear you need to inspect and drive the larger side of the grommet away from the gear. Use the same socket to prevent the brass gears from distorting.

Gear flattening

If you inadvertently bend your gear you can usually flatten it on a hard flat surface. It’s important to use a smooth surface as possible. The striking face of the hammer should be very smooth also.

Try to keep the striking face of the hammer parallel with the gear and use a light deliberate strike. It’s very easy to dent the surface of your gears so be careful.

I hope you can use this information to create awesome and inspiring new steampunk projects. If you want to share what you have made or any ideas or feedback please leave a comment. Or become fan on our Facebook page.


2 thoughts on “How to remove the pinion gear from vintage brass gears for your steampunk project.

  1. Kendra Bosten

    Thank you so much for this video! I make Steampunk jewelry and could never figure out how to get the pinion out of my large gears. Very big help!

    1. Justin Post author

      You’re welcome, Kendra!

      Do you have any of your jewelry online that I could see?

      Also, I’m always interested in what other Steampunk artist’s supply needs are. So if you have anything you’ve been looking for don’t hesitate to ask.

      Thanks for the comment!


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