Steampunk USB Flash Drives More Pictures

My First steampunk USB flash drives

This is my first Steampunk USB flash drives. I designed it to work in the recessed usb slot that some computers have. The flash drive sticks out a little more than I’d like it to. This is because the LED was so large. The last few that I build are more compact.


This is my first steampunk gadget

Use ultra bright LEDs

The trick is to find an ultra high intensity LED and grind it down flat. These ultra intensity LEDs can overpower the sanding marks that are made when you cut them down.

It’s also very important to find the proper resister so the LED life is optimized in your Steampunk USB flash drive. This LED calculator for single LEDs great for find then correct resistor.


Steampunk usb flash drive


Steampunk USB drive with blue light from an LED

JB Weld or epoxy?

The original cap from the Sony flash drive was epoxied into a brass end cap. I also soldered three pocket watch gears onto the main brass housing.

Since these designs I’ve found that JB Quick Weld is really good for cementing the USB into the pipe fitting. Also I’ve found that it’s a much better connection to use old brass screws to attach the pocket watch gears the out side of the pipe fitting.


Steampunk USB flash drive


Steampunk USB flash drive with a brass gears for an end cap

Soldering tips

Here is another design that has a threaded cap and gear. I solder these gears together with lead free solder. It’s best to sand the surfaces that will be soldered.

I’ve tried with and without flux and found that there is no reason to use flux. It leaves a patina that I do no desire. However is may be that corroded look you’re looking for in your Steampunk USB flash drive project.

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